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Nonprofit Growth Advisors was established to help nonprofit organizations create efficient and sustainable processes and programs that lead
to growth and long-term impact for the communities they serve.

Rooted in a commitment to equality and social justice for all, NGA aligns organizations with opportunities for growth by mobilizing networks, influencers, and talent to build awareness, raise revenue, and create change for the greater good.  

Tactical Approach

Rediscover your organization’s WHY and improve upon the best tactical approach

Marketing and fundraising

Integrate donor-centric marketing and fundraising strategies to support your cause

Impactful programs

Energize and mentor your board, staff, and volunteers to build sustainable and impactful programs


Provide interim leadership during periods of planned or unplanned executive transitions

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Melissa is a force. As her former Chief of Staff, I have experienced the impact of her leadership, mentorship, and collaborative grace first-hand. Melissa helped our organization formulate and advance a strategic plan, operationalize the infrastructure for a viable fundraising strategy, and clarify role responsibilities within our team. As an interim Executive or Strategic Advisor, she can help you restructure and rebuild your organization from the ground up with her impeccable follow-through and leadership conviction. She has a gift for transforming great ideas into tangible action, communicates with clarity, and reliably delivers realistic (often proactive) solutions. While I worked under Melissa, she helped our organization realize several major partnerships, achieve nonprofit and legal compliance, and build out methodical fundraising processes. Melissa is all about KPIs and demonstrated impact. She really cares about the organizations and the people she works for, and on top of her incredible efficacy, integrity, professionalism, and passion, she is also dependably fun. I simply cannot recommend Melissa highly enough. I have learned so much from her, and working with her undoubtedly made me a better employee.

Allie Chipkin
The Blk Shp Foundation

What our partners say!

Melissa came on board as a consultant with LAMP Community (now The People Concern) when the programs were expanding, and the fundraising, comms, and marketing were falling behind. She quickly identified areas with the most growth potential and dove right in. Her efforts helped elevate story-telling, develop content marketing strategies, and greatly improved records management-- all with measurable results; including historic records of online giving and engaging in-person fundraising events. She set the future development team up for success.

Beth Strom
(former) Marketing and Communications Officer, The People Concern

What our partners say!

NGA's Founder, Melissa was hired as an Interim Executive Director at Food on Foot, and she steered our ship through some pretty treacherous waters.  We were all impressed and grateful for the breadth of skills she displayed with the staff, the board, our donors, and our clients.  She conducted an organizational analysis that led to a solid restructuring and reduced annual operating expenses.  She deeply cares about helping the population we serve (the unhoused and food insecure of Hollywood) and aside from keeping us steady, she brought new ideas for our programs and is gifted at thinking outside the box.  We’ve just begun our Year-End Appeal, and Melissa has already come up with new perspectives on fundraising that are in keeping with our culture.

Tess Ayers
Board Chair at Food on Foot

What our partners say!

Melissa guided me and the other SPY volunteers in planning several of my past birthday fundraisers at no cost to the organization or any of us. We got everything donated, including the venue, food, and refreshments. One year, Weezer's River Cuomo and the cast of Orange Is The New Black came out to celebrate and another time, Comedian Whitney Cummings co-hosted the event and pop star Sia attended, which brought even more attention and awareness to the issue of youth homelessness in LA and helped us raise more than $10,000 for Safe Place for Youth. Since then, I've continued to raise funds and awareness for multiple causes, and I understand how to actually support these causes and leverage my network in a meaningful way.

Jared Lipscomb
Celebrity Makeup Artist, Activist, and Volunteer
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