We are a team of growth advisors.
In nearly 20 years, we have raised millions of dollars from private, corporate, and government sources to support nonprofit causes serving those most in need.

We are a dedicated group of curious and visionary people with diverse experience working across the nonprofit sector. Our work is our calling –  
we want to do our part to make the world a better place; and for decades,
we have been able to do just that through the power of philanthropy.


To help nonprofit organizations raise the funds and friends they need to fuel their missions by putting sustainable processes and systems in place for continued growth.
To help philanthropists, donors, and volunteers, give impactfully with their time, treasures, and talents.

How We Can Help


NGA views impossibilities as opportunities, and we provide the expertise, tools, and resources for your organization to develop habits for long-term viability and sustainability.


NGA values community partnerships and strives to make our services affordable to all
nonprofit organizations. We offer flexible payment structures, including monthly retainer or project-based contracts, as well as daily rates of service to best suit your organization’s needs.


Once we understand your goals and challenges, we will propose a service package tailored to your organization’s needs and budget range.


We’re truth-tellers and keep it real with our clients. Your success is our success, and we draw on a seasoned perspective to both see and create the future of social impact.
We never work for commission
and makes no exceptions to that rule.

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Melissa Tillman

Founder & CEO

With nearly two decades of experience as a trailblazer and successful leader in the Los Angeles nonprofit sector, Melissa Tillman is the Founder and CEO of Nonprofit Growth Advisors, a consulting firm dedicated to expanding organizational strategy, creative and diverse fund development, and providing interim and transitional leadership.

She has built a reputation for building robust teams, expanding Board leadership, turning around organizations with operating deficits, and establishing viable fundraising strategies that lead to long-term sustainability. Melissa is a relentless social justice advocate for vulnerable populations with extensive experience in education, foster care, and homeless services at organizations of all sizes. She holds an MBA in Nonprofit Management and received awards for academic achievement and leadership, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Communications and she is a graduate of the Interim Executive Academy.

Our trusted growth advisors are nonprofit professionals with diverse backgrounds and an array of experience across the sector. If your organization will be working with an Advisor other than NGA’s Founder, you will be provided a full bio for any additional Advisor(s).

Melissa Tillman

Som Puangladda

Tech Marketing Growth Advisor

Som Puangladda has spent more than fifteen years working with leading tech companies from Silicon Valley to New York City and Silicon Beach. Today, she is an award-winning global marketer, consulting for marketing and revenue growth at various tech startups and non-profit organizations, and currently splits time between Los Angeles, CA, and Bangkok, Thailand.  Prior to being a full-time consultant, Puangladda’s B2B marketing career included roles as Head of Marketing at GumGum, an adtech platform; and VP of Global Demand Generation for the programmatic marketing company, Rubicon Project. She also was the first marketing lead at pioneering web video startup, JW Player and has appeared on several podcasts, and received a B2B Innovator award in 2018, and a Leadership Honorable Mention in 2019 for the Data-Driven CMO Award. She holds a degree in Business and Marketing from Assumption University and has spoken at over a dozen conferences, including SXSW, Forrester's SiriusDecisions, B2BMX, and the TOPO Summit.

Som Puangladda

Maggie Weisberg

Senior Growth Advisor

Maggie Weisberg has spent nearly 20 years working in the nonprofit sector, most recently serving as the Senior Executive Director of the Greater Los Angeles & Orange County Chapter of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. Maggie has also previously held executive positions at the American Lung Association, Hadassah, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and American Jewish University.

Her specialties include executive leadership, organizational efficiency, staff development and training, cross-functional operations, financial planning, strategic planning, project, program, board, and volunteer management. Maggie is a solutions-based nonprofit leader and advisor with extensive presentation and training experience; training, coaching, and conflict resolution skills, and she has a genuine interest and proven track record for helping people and programs reach their full potential.

Maggie Weisberg


Melissa is a force. As her former Chief of Staff, I have experienced the impact of her leadership, mentorship, and collaborative grace first-hand. Melissa helped our organization formulate and advance a strategic plan, operationalize the infrastructure for a viable fundraising strategy, and clarify role responsibilities within our team. As an interim Executive or Strategic Advisor, she can help you restructure and rebuild your organization from the ground up with her impeccable follow-through and leadership conviction. She has a gift for transforming great ideas into tangible action, communicates with clarity, and reliably delivers realistic (often proactive) solutions. While I worked under Melissa, she helped our organization realize several major partnerships, achieve nonprofit and legal compliance, and build out methodical fundraising processes. Melissa is all about KPIs and demonstrated impact. She really cares about the organizations and the people she works for, and on top of her incredible efficacy, integrity, professionalism, and passion, she is also dependably fun. I simply cannot recommend Melissa highly enough. I have learned so much from her, and working with her undoubtedly made me a better employee.

Allie Chipkin
The Blk Shp Foundation

What our partners say!

Melissa came on board as a consultant with LAMP Community (now The People Concern) when the programs were expanding, and the fundraising, comms, and marketing were falling behind. She quickly identified areas with the most growth potential and dove right in. Her efforts helped elevate story-telling, develop content marketing strategies, and greatly improved records management-- all with measurable results; including historic records of online giving and engaging in-person fundraising events. She set the future development team up for success.

Beth Strom
(former) Marketing and Communications Officer, The People Concern

What our partners say!

NGA's Founder, Melissa was hired as an Interim Executive Director at Food on Foot, and she steered our ship through some pretty treacherous waters.  We were all impressed and grateful for the breadth of skills she displayed with the staff, the board, our donors, and our clients.  She conducted an organizational analysis that led to a solid restructuring and reduced annual operating expenses.  She deeply cares about helping the population we serve (the unhoused and food insecure of Hollywood) and aside from keeping us steady, she brought new ideas for our programs and is gifted at thinking outside the box.  We’ve just begun our Year-End Appeal, and Melissa has already come up with new perspectives on fundraising that are in keeping with our culture.

Tess Ayers
Board Chair at Food on Foot

What our partners say!

Melissa guided me and the other SPY volunteers in planning several of my past birthday fundraisers at no cost to the organization or any of us. We got everything donated, including the venue, food, and refreshments. One year, Weezer's River Cuomo and the cast of Orange Is The New Black came out to celebrate and another time, Comedian Whitney Cummings co-hosted the event and pop star Sia attended, which brought even more attention and awareness to the issue of youth homelessness in LA and helped us raise more than $10,000 for Safe Place for Youth. Since then, I've continued to raise funds and awareness for multiple causes, and I understand how to actually support these causes and leverage my network in a meaningful way.

Jared Lipscomb
Celebrity Makeup Artist, Activist, and Volunteer

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